MilPDS v1.0

19 January 2018



SUBJECT: Welcome to the SGC

Welcome to Stargate Command, otherwise known as SGC. Put simply, our mission is to secure allies and technology to defend these United States of America and all of planet Earth from hostile alien infiltration and invasion. As an Officer of SGC, you'll be on the front line of our offenses and defenses. Nobody will know of your existance but the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Your unique talents will be required daily during your travels.

Your base is the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, CO. You and your team embark to new worlds and on different adventures several times a week. While the typical team consists of 4 to 6 members, with at least one of them an expert a scientific field, your team may or may not be similar. The Stargate network links planets and planetary bodies together throughout the Universe. Each gate has a dial-home device consisting of 39 glyphs, representing a point in space. Using seven-symbol coordinates, the seventh being the point of origin, we are able to travels tens, if not hundreds, of light-years across the galaxy to planets unknown to us.While the cost to explore new planets, meet new people and secure new technology is high, you understand the risks and benefits involved. You're doing something nobody else on this planet is able to do. You have a unique opportunity to protect and defend this planet, to further scientific progress and to see things nobody else has ever seen. And while you're at it, kicking some Goa'uld butt doesn't sound too bad either, huh? Suit up and head out soldier!

Commanding Officer, Stargate Command

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