Terrah Farai of Keme

Rank: High Commander
Occupation: Liaison Officer
Assignment: Tok'ra Outpost
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 20, 1968

Physical Attributes
Species: Tok'ra Host
Age: 40's
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight: 170 pounds (77 kg)
Build: Lean, Semi-Muscular
Hair: Black, long
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Personal Information
Homeworld: Keme

- Loyal
- Quiet
- Friendly
- Good Listener
- Open Minded

Family History:
- Grandparents: Anon and Jovas, Thoth and Teralyn
- Parents: Jovan and Terra
- Brother: Terron, older, blended with Yagmur
- Brother: Tarrin, younger
- Sister-in-law: Mesi, Tarrin's wife
- Niece and Nephew: Mbizi and Nen

Elsa Primary (1974 - 1983)
- A nine year school. Each school year coincides with the calandar year.
- Years One to Three: Largely study mathematics, reading, writing, science, and art.
- Years Four to Six: History and music are added in addition to the above.
- Years Seven to Nine: Health education is added.

M'ulan Secondary (1984 - 1986)
- Students begin specializing.
- The histery and danger of the Goa'uld is heavily taught.

Enimsaj College (1987 - 1988)
- Entered a two year program
- Major: Landscaping
- Minor: Botany

- Leadership Skills
- Goa'uld Weapons
- Hand-to-hand Combat
- Healing - Basic Healing Device knowledge
- Survival - Finding food/water, navigating, making fire, etc. - Botany

Keshet has full control over bodily functions. This allows for...
- Slowed Aging
- Healing
- Control Over Metabolism
- Increased Strength
- Better Senses (sight, hearing, etc.)
- Longer Endurance
- Strong Resistance to Poison or Drugs
- Ability to Sense Other Symbiotes and Hosts
- Increased Need for Food/Water


1968 - Born
1972 - Mother returns to work
1974 - Terrah goes to school.
1978 - Mother gets promotion. She and Terrah's father decide to have another child.
1980 - Brother, Terrin born.
1987 - Terrah goes to college.
2005 - Terrin's wife becomes ill.
2006 - Terrah and her older brother, Terron, decide to live on the surface to earn money for Terrin.
2009 - Terrah is injured protecting Terron. She blended with Keshet.
2012 - Meets Crystal Wood.

The people of Keme appear primitive. Cities-states are scattered across the surface. In reality, the world is united under one government. The majority of the people live underground, hidden by advanced technology. Some have chosen to live above. However, most people agree to live on the surface for a number of years, so that they'll be well compensated when they return below.

Terrah and her older brother were born below to an upper middle class family. Tradition was closely followed. Their mother, Terra, took off work to raise them. When Terrah was four, Terra returned to work, and their father, Jovan, took over as the primary caregiver.

When Terrah was ten, her mother got a big promotion. After some consideration, her parents decided to pay the government to be allowed to have a third child. Two years later, Tarrin was born. Terra arranged to be able to work primarily from home for the first four years of his life.

Terrah followed her mom's steps, becoming a landscape artist (underground parks were very popular).

Tarrin, as a typical male, married and became a househusband. However, his wife, Mesi, couldn't work after becoming sick. As a man, he had a hard time finding work with a decent wage. Terra shared her wages with her son to pay for his and her grandchildren's living, and for Mesi's hospital bills.

Terrah and Terron decided to live on the surface for four years. The money made would be given to their brother, giving him security, and allow their mother to retire. The first year was the hardest. The luxuries they had taken for granted were gone.

Three years in, their home was invaded. From outside, Terrah heard her brother being attacked. Rushing in, she fought off the attacker, but the stranger managed to stab her in the chest before leaving. Terron took her to a hospital on the surface. As luck would have it, the Tok'ra came a few days later, in search of a new host. Terrah volunteered. Terron went with, feeling guilty for her injury. (What was earned in those three years was given to Tarrin.)

Terrah blended with Keshet, a fairly high ranking Tok'ra. As tradition followed, Terrah was soon sharing the same rank.

They later met General Crystal Rose Wood, SGC's new commander. Meetings were uneasy at first, largely due to Keshet's abrasive personality. However, after a couple of years, they began dating in secret.

Keshet of Ǫrvar

Rank: High Commander
Occupation: Liaison Officer
Assignment: Tok'ra Outpost
Gender: Female
Species: Tok'ra Symbiote
Age: 1,000's
Birthday: November 18, 920

Personal Information
Homeworld: Ǫrvar

- Loyal
- Arrogant
- Blunt
- Distrusts the Tau'ri
- Take-charge

Family History:
- Queen - Egeria
- Siblings - She has hundreds.

- Genetic Memory
- Larva Training - She was taught details about the rebellion that she didn't get from genetic memory.
- Hosts - She's learned various things from her hosts, such as languages. They've also learned a lot of things together.

Previous Hosts:
- First Host - Seona - Female - Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
- Second Host - Marek - Female - Various Jobs
- Third Host - Kadesh - Female - Various Jobs
- Forth Host - Delia - Female - Base Commander
- Fifth Host - Fern - Female - Base Commander
- Sixth Host - Cináed - Female - High Commander

Personal Characters. Bios written by FSF Meushell.