Terron of Keme

Occupation: Bodyguard
Species: Human Tok'ra
Age/Gender: 50's/Male
- Height: 5'4"
- Build: Lean, Muscular
- Identifying Mark: Scars on chest and cheek.
- Grandparents: Anon and Jovas, Thoth and Teralyn
- Parents: Jovan and Terra
- Sister - Terrah, older, blended with Keshet
- Brother: Tarrin, younger
- Sister-in-law: Mesi, Tarrin's wife
- Niece and Nephew: Mbizi and Nen


Terron was born to an upper middle class family. Like most of the population, they lived underground. His mother, Terra, took off work to raise him, and later, his sister, Terrah. When Terron was eight, Terra returned to work, and their father, Jovan, took over as the primary caregiver.

1978 - When Terron was fourteen, his parents decided to have a third child. Two years later, Tarrin was born.

Terron pursued work as an adult, which was difficult as a male. He considered living up on the surface for a few years. The government paid well, but his family often warned him of the dangers.

His brother, Tarrin, married and became a househusband. However, Tarrin's wife, Mesi, couldn't work after getting sick. Terra shared her wages with her son to pay for Tarrin's and his children's living, and for Mesi's hospital bills.

2006 - Terrah and Terron decided to live on the surface for four years. The money made would be given to their brother, giving him security, and allow their mother to retire.

2009 - Three years in, their home was invaded. From outside, Terron's attempt to stop a burglary turned violent. Terrah came in to save him. They managed to fight off the burglar, but both suffered injuries. Terron, the lesser injured of the two, took her to a hospital. However, surface hospital were far more primitive than the underground hospitals. As luck would have it, the Tok'ra came a few days later, in search of a new host. Terrah volunteered. Terron went with, feeling guilty for her injuries.

Terrah, near death, blended with Keshet right away. Terron was healed with a healing device, though it left massive scarring. Deciding to say with the Tok'ra, he blended with Yagmur a year later. Yagmur was able to help with the scarring, but unable to heal them completely.

Yagmur was a bodyguard, and Terron quickly went into training. His time on the surface of Keme helped to prepare him for the hard work that followed.

Yagmur of Nuada

Occupation: Tok'ra Bodyguard
Species: Tok'ra Symbiote
Age: 1,200's
Gender: Agender (pronouns: ve vir virs virself)
Previous Hosts:
- First Host - Olyvia - Female - Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
- Second Host - Prema - Female - Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker / Guard
- Third Host - Pierre - Male - Guard / Spy
- Forth Host - Lennox - Male - Bodyguard / Spy
- Fifth Host - Liza - Female - Bodyguard / Spy
- Sixth Host - Kiyoshi - Male - Bodyguard / Spy
- Seventh Host - Darya - Female - Bodyguard / Spy
- Eighth Host - Anica - Female - Bodyguard / Spy
- Ninth Host - Fran - Female - Bodyguard / Spy

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